Mar 17, 2016

Lets go on a train ride!

Today we are riding on the North Coast Limited  out of Spokane for the far reaches of the country!
Four units is plenty of power to move 14 cars at track speed.
You got to be somebody special to be riding in the tail car of Northern Pacific's premier train.
Extra fare to say the least!
Before modern diesels it was steam engines that did the work on the railroads. The little 2-8-0 has a local
delivery and blessed with a tiny 4 wheel bobber caboose for the crew.
Greg later put on additional cars to see how many cars it could handle. I think 5 cars was it.
Oakway Lease units were popular during the 1980's but it did not continue as BNSF could buy them
rather than lease them from EMD.
Greg Mercier had this Maine Central unit pulling its weight around the layout. His wife comes from
the Northeast and therefore Greg models it as well as NP & SP&S.  Smart Greg!

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