Mar 8, 2016

FreeMo comes to Spokane!

This is the best bridge I ever saw in HO scale. Allan Cunningham is the creator and what a structure it is.  Allan also did the curved bridge in the back of the
Evergreen layout with the girder built into the system. This one must have taken Allan quite a while to build and well worth the time. The people in the back
give it scale as to its massive size. Love the colorization!
FreeMo allows a modular system to travel distances and can connect with other modular systems.
The only stipulation is your 2 outside modules need to conform to the standards of wiring and track connections.
This circle allows everything to return back around. Hundreds of modules can be used in any design
The big boys were there as well with G scale or as some like to think of as outdoor equipment that
goes in the garden or the backyard.
Another private module layout had a lot of detail and interesting scenes such as this Great Northern
passenger train being pulled by an Alco FA, which was a freight unit in real life. Pretty anyway.
There's a lot of effort put into these modules as well as hauling all the units long distances just for
the satisfaction of showing off your work.
Years ago I created the artwork for the Spokane International Railroad and I have decaled many models that
followed the prototype and some to my imagination. This model was spotted by Dave H. and he sent
it to me after the show. The SI was merged into the UP so they were not able to purchase a modern
Airslide hopper such as this model shows but it does show some creativity using a boxcar decal set.

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