Mar 11, 2016

It was celebrate Pre-Merger Day at the Evergreen

It was unplanned to have all this stuff show up at the club today but here it is! Northern Pacific and Spokane, Portland and Seattle trains gather towards the rear of the
club layout! We could have added more but then we have enough. Mr. SP&S Keith Wiles missed it as well as his job on the railroad kept him away. Sorry Keith!
The new look for the SP&S shows up with one of the broad scheme GP7 trailing the original  paint
scheme. Member Greg Mercier soon to be moving from the Seattle area to North Idaho has found a
new home here at the Evergreen club. Goodbye 405!
Marvin found the turnaround on the Red Main to his liking as he now travels the opposite direction
with his Northern Pacific freight.
This odd collection of locos was run at an earlier time with SP&S #332 leading the pack.
I just finished a number of Up box cars with a little weathering and Scotty took them around the layout
with his 2 UP Centennials. Freight cars look so much better with a little TLC added to them! Right Ralph?
Finally a little suspender humor for Burt!

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