Apr 3, 2014

Moving chemicals and coal.

Tommy frank almost has a unit train going with his purchase of these white covered hoppers getting pulled by two BNSF GE units.
I was setting up 2 of the guys with a photo op and I noticed both sets where orange themed then what else is going on Don Carniegie is running past with another color scheme of orange of the Milwaukee Road. Unless BNSF does a heritage unit in GN colors they will never pass each other on the rails in real life. Maybe that's why we model stuff so it can happen.
Here is the same view looking the other way at Beaver Canyon, Don had a unit train as well in the form of a Milwaukee Road coal train of 34? cars. I ask the guys to stop their trains so the models don't blur as the camera is shooting with available light at 15th or 30th of a second.
The power set consisted of 3 SD-40-2 EMDs .
A new Milwaukee Road 60 foot boxcar awaits for loading of lumber at our lumber mill. Does that deck look too clean?

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