Apr 16, 2014

Why I take train photos.

Burt Whitney should recognize this place...it's called Cul d'Sac, Idaho and Burt was born in this little town some 70 years ago. This photo was taken in 1979 when they were shooting the movie Breakheart Pass.
The diesel was let go and the steam engine does some background action footage for the movie that starred Charles Bronson. The hilo is shooting the film for the movie. This is a 300 mm shot! The bridge is called Half Moon Bridge. I wonder if Burt had a say about that?
The date is November 5th, 1974 and the 8444 is leaving Spokane and Expo 74 after a 6 month stay. The loco is owned by the Union Pacific, it is going over I-90 and the bridge is owned now by the BNSF Railroad. It soon will be on the old SP&S right of way towards Marshall and Cheney, Washington.
Oh, good old 3206. The Inland Empire Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society  is moving the park engine from High Bridge Park ( I wonder why they called it that? ) to the Spokane County Fairgrounds where it remains today. That is Bruce Butler by the stop sign. I helped raise the money to move it!
The SP&S #700 is alive! After 50 some years of being a park engine in Portland, Oregon this passenger engine is on the run again! It is at Hope, Idaho and has a Montana Rail Link F45 as backup power in case the engine had troubles, but it didn't need any help this fine day.
Another live steam engine owned by Portland, Oregon is the Southern Pacific 4-8-4 Daylight. It is on one of its many trips up the Columbia River and it passes through numerous Basalt formations along the way on the north side of the river. This is in a remote spot so no one of interest is going to find us.
I showed this one before and I am still in awe of the scene. The 8444 Union Pacific loco is on its way to Spokane for Expo '74 and the bridge and the scenery dwarf the train set. The big question to me is the bridge getting a black paint job or a white one?  By now maybe they painted it another color?

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