Apr 25, 2014

Smokin' on the railroad

We must be in Milwaukee territory as both trains are from that railroad. This low angle shot makes everything look different.
 Don had has 2 unit set of Milwaukee Road switchers doing yard work and transfer work as this coal needs to get to China to make stuff for us Americans! Ouch!
New member Marvin Sheppard has his hands full as 3 trains converge on his spot.
Marvin's pride and joy are these 2 NP GP9s passing the tower like the one they should have had
in Paradise, Montana, his hometown favorite place.
 Tom Frank ran his 2  baby BNSF Dash 8s on the Blue line as Tom has the red block waiting for something to come the other way.
 A short Milwaukee Road passenger trian stops at the Union Station in Cobbleton, Washington. as other freight trains pass on the Blue Main.
 "Chuckie Cheese" Heimerdinger stopped by last night and I noticed he was sitting under his famous Milwaukee Road photo as well.
I would vote for this photo of Chuck's to be the best Milwaukee Road photo ever taken on that railroad,. Two different electrics, Little Joes and Box Cabs converge at Dawson, Montana in 1964. It has the drama of big time railroading.  Do you agree? What would beat it?

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