Apr 11, 2014

Real railroads and fake ones!

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and being I got there early I wandered over to 9th Avenue overlooking the famous Latah Bridge in West Spokane.  I knew a train was due as I saw it moving fast through the Spokane Valley on the way to downtown and I caught it in good light.
Pulling back from the 200 mm lens into my 22 mm wide angle a took a wide shot of it as well. I remembered that Phil Hastings had taken a photo of Northern Pacific trains here back in the 50's so I looked for it in my photo collection.
The trees have certainly grown up a lot but you can still see Sunset Bridge is now blocked by I-90 and Latah bridge as well. In the background of Phil's old photo...you can see UP High Bridge and beyond that would be GN's Fort Wright bridge. Lots has changed, some good, some bad.
And now for the real trains that don't bite back! Jim Bowden had 2 UP Tunnel Motors riding the rails on the Evergreen tonight.
In the good old days all respectable trains had cabooses and so did Jim's!
Here's a detour train or one of UP's many trains through Spokane that has Canadian Pacific power on the point. It is pulling....a....coal....train!!!! it must be the end of the earth! I am slowly covering the ground at the port district so now I can position a grain car in the foreground and it looks right.
Spike Gorley's CP power set has sound and boy are they sweet runners.  Once you have a sounded loco you'll never want to go back to silence.

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