Apr 16, 2014

The NP Club

Just by chance the Northern Pacific Railroad was featured at the club today. Marvin Sheppard brought in his new NP GP9s and had them running around like they owned the place. I had my F7s there as well and Marv asked me to run with him.
That gave me the idea to make a theme out of it like we've done with the Milwaukee Road and the Great Northern and the SP&S. All of them had sound and we ran pretty good.
At one time I hooked up an elderly RS1 just for the fun of it  and an Spokane International train showed up to ruin the scene!
Scotty was under the layout today hooking up port switches and maybe a signal crossing as well.
Marv's GP9's as so new they still have shiny brass window shades on the locos. We can fix that on Thursday!
F units bring back some good memories of train chasing in and around Spokane as we were the bastion of aging F units for the BN.

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