Apr 29, 2014

Looking back 50 years


I drove south over the Greene St. Bridge today and saw a headlight in the distance coming west. I have a chance to get a shot in sunlight in a place I rarely shoot pictures from. As I'm walking over the bridge I saw the pile of debris in the distance and remembered what used to be here. The Spokane International "Spokane Shops" and the pile is the remains of the SI roundhouse some 50 years ago. the Spokane Community College is across the street at mission and Greens.

This is a Larry Shauver photo looking west across the turntable with only a passenger car in attendance.
The UP train is coming but still time to shot another photo looking east. The College is now visible.
The mountain looks thinner but unlogged and the tracks just pass through this area now.
The Mission crossing is in the background and it turns out it was just a yard job with 10 cars to drop off at this location. All Union Pacific trains, some with run through Canadian Pacific locomotives use this track to get to Canada or to the UP main line that goes east to west at Hinkle, Oregon.
Finally the shot I was looking for in the first place. No caboose, no friendly wave, (maybe they didn't see me in the glare of the sun behind me) plus I'm on a public bridge so no hassles today!

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