Apr 22, 2014

I've been working on the railroad!



That's me waving my hat at the cameraman!  The SI had cars that looked similar to this one but we can't be choosers in the model railroad world!

I've been working on some 6 or 7 SI flatcars and was wondering what I was going to put on them. I looked into my junk box and lo and behold there are a set of Athearn diesel trucks from the good old days of rubber band drive. The larger axles that handle the rubber bands look something like traction motors so I set them up as a load with oversized chain to hold them down ( plus glue ).
Then I found a pair of brass passenger car trucks and they got the same treatment. The boxes are commercial stuff from a friend of mine called Mike O'Connell who owns Chooch Enterprises.
This one shows the larger barrel axles from the rubber band drive unit and of course the chain must
have rust as a flavoring.
The Si brought cabooses from many sources including this NP brass model.  It was a struggle as to which paint scheme it would wind up in but the SI scheme won!
My S&IE electric locos wound back near the paint booth and I though how would they look on the pier and I think they look good. They needs more work and a DCC chip in each as well.
I'm doing some work for Jim Bowden on his latest project which is a 2-8-2 steamer for the Alaska Railroad but there are no decals available for them. So that means I had to "stack" the individual letters and......GET THEM STRAIGHT!!!  How did I do for an old guy? One more side to go!
Waiting in the wings is my Great Northern electric that worked the hills between Wenatchee and Skykomish, Washington in the Cascade mountains back in the days of electric operations until 1956.

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