Apr 17, 2014

Not all Chiefs are the same!

That's the Santa Fe Chiefs and their Warbonnet head dress that made them so famous and popular, especially by Lionel in the late 40's  on the EMD F units.
This one does not do the Warbonnet justice with the square face on the motor car.
This one is my favorite because the Alco PA's are my favorite locomotive and the Warbonnet looks fabulous!
Modern EMD F45's did the design fairly well and rekindled the love of this famous icon.
Warbonnets came in corrigated  aluminum or stainless steel but something is lost in the translation.
Santa Fe made a feeble attempt when they made some F units in yellow instead. Why, when they had
the formula?
Back in the late 80's Santa Fe and Southern Pacific were flirting with merger but it never came. They tried to do a simplified Warbonnet  with SF in position so when the merger came all they needed to do was to add SP in front of SF for SPSF railroad.  Clever, or so they thought! Now they have a railroad called BNSF.

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