Apr 8, 2014

Random thoughts

Several of our members at the club model the Kansas City Southern and I have noticed more and more KCS units passing through Spokane as borrowed power as BNSF must be power short with so many coal, oil and gain trains heading west.
Being our club is called Evergreen I thought that I would add RAILROAD MODELERS to a model of one of these intermodal boxes that I see most every day. They come in 40 and 20 foot packages.
I saw another one of those airplane trains the other day with 5 or 6 of them heading west to Everett, Washington where they put them all together for Boeing.  That green paint is most striking.
Last month I visited the Trentwood Bridge on the Union Pacific and I shot this photo of these very large donuts that I believe come from a mill in the area that ground down grain into flour and here they lay on the Centennial bike and hike trail. Now they are seats.
Anyone interested in a piece of plastic that is about 26 inches tall by 7 foot wide? This is what we used to make water on the Evergreen pier and it worked very well. Bids anyone? See below.
It has a nice water look to it and we colorized the bottom and left the top transparent.

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