Apr 22, 2014

How did we get here?

I would guess that this photo of the front part of the layout was taken around the end of 2009. We were moving at a rate that most clubs never achieve but we wanted to "Get R Done!"! Terry Fank and Glen Krause discuss the progress. Mie Baker, Roy Wyatt and unknown in BG.
The central part of the layout shows the placement of the large rock formations with just a piece of wood to determine where the bridge will be paced. Roy Wyatt and his son Kyle did the bridges.
A recent photo taken this past year shows the current scenery in place with all the bridges, rocks, trees and the like are in place. The colors look greyer than the previous shot and I would guess it was taken during the day with real sunlight instead of just overhead lights.
This is why we do it when kids come by and just love to see what we have done.

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