Apr 22, 2014

I'm Seeing Red And I Can't Get Up!

My comments on the Northern Pacific themed event last week stirred up the folks from the north as 3 members, planned or unplanned, brought in their modern Canadian Pacific locos to put on a show last night!
Jim Bowden brings in his 2 units to Blue yard to add his cars to his power as young admirers watch his moves.
Another set passes the Titanic Ice Company best remembered for the ship that could not sink!
Spike Gorley's CP set heads for the numerous tunnels on the Evergreen layout
Giant SD90s with 6000 HO each make their way west to deliver the grain cars to the ports on the Pacific.
Union Pacific power almost ruins the theme of an all Red evening but UP and CP use each others units all the time. They keep track of the hours of use and send a check at the end of the month as to who owes what. It makes the power units more accessible and efficient in moving the goods.
What's this? The same number on 2 different engines? The paint shop forces will hear of this!

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