Mar 22, 2014

It's 1965 all over again!

Well it felt like that with all these first generation locos working the line at the Evergreen!Keith got these 2 new SP&S RS-3s with sound ( sorry no smoke ) and they sounded great!
New member Marvin Sheppard acquired a Great Northern U25B with sound and borrowed 2 of my F units to help make the grades. One of them was a dummy but keep that to yourself.
I got into our one spot that you need to climb under the layout to get to this spot and tried this 3/4 wedge shot for this scene. The GE unit is officially 1 week old.
SP&S train is passing a venerable NP caboose on its way to someplace. Our electrical system keeps head ons from happening so the SP&S waits for the green light to enter the tunnel.
Something I never saw at Evergreen Railroad before is a Milwaukee Road helper set back in the train as Don Carneigie runs a long Milwaukee train on the Blue Main. In those days you needed to sets of crews but today the engineer in the lead unit runs them all from the front of the train.

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