Mar 8, 2017

You can call him member 35 or better yet....Ver Walker!

No I didn't misspell his name or shrink it. A grandfather or uncle had the name and Ver got it as well. He has a connection with the U.S. Coast Guard and we
have at least 2 other members who served in the Coast Guard so stories can be told by all concerned, Welcome Ver!
Michael Baker brought out the Empire Builder last Thursday and reminded us of the days when rail
travel was not only the best and also the safest.
Spike Gorley's favorite train is the Canadian Pacific as his family is from up there somewhere.
Marvin's MRL executive train has a little competition from the Western Pacific RDC that ran as a
local convenience for the small towns along their right of way. The difference is the poor folks could ride
in the RDC but small chance to ever ride with Dennis Washington who owned the MRL.
I talked Robert into run his BN switcher up on the green branch to get my photos in less covered spots.
Mr. SP&S Keith Wiles got a new toy! We may have to start to calling him Mr. BN with the addition
to his collection of this BN Bi-Centennial Red/White/ Blue engine that celebrated our 200th birthday.
There were three of them if you don't count the replacement for one that got wrecked.

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