Mar 1, 2017

What's that Union Pacific Shay doing in a SP&S town?

Another railroad mystery is created by the quick hands of a photographer catching a mainline freight passing a local having a lunch break in a SP&S beanery but
that pesky Shay has someone else's name on it.  Perhaps the local thugs can change the name with their handy spray cans?
The front part of the layout shows the three railroad lines that populate the realm with a local Montana
Rail Link train owned by Robert Case passing over Beaver Canyon named by ex-member Ralph Thomas
back in the good old days.
Robert brought out his favorite switcher in BN colors over one of 18 bridges on the layout.
Keith Wiles has expanded his interests with this Expo 86' paint job done by Canadian National.
But how does one understand a CP Rail caboose owned by the competition?
Keith's favorite railroad was not ignored with his 3 Alco FAs doing the honors. If I remember correctly
that he owns 13 on this model, all in SP&S colors. I added details to them to make them look even better.
We are getting ready for our open house event this Saturday from 5 to 9 pm. 18213 East Appleway
Ex-member Tony Caldwell is winding up his advance sale of  HO models to some 12 members today
as kind of a warm up to the Spokane Train Show, We will be selling his stuff at the show and it has
excellent prices to boot.  Check it out! Jerry 509-939-5845

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