Mar 11, 2017

Moving day for the Camas Prairie!

With short notice a few of us got to move the remaining sections of the famous
Burt Whitney layout and luck had it where it fit into Spike's pickup for the move.
This section was, in my mind, the most important one as it had this portion of the Camas Prairie themed
layout with the 3 bridges that were significant to the railroad and I thought it would be a pity that this
section did not survive the removal from Burt's home.
Besides I did some of the rock work and had a personal investment in the save. Don and Spike did most of the
heavy lifting while I was there for mostly moral support. Tom Hindley was supportive by allowing us
to store the sections near the club location. These guys are super heroes in my mind! Next is what we are
going to do with it as a layout or as a module to show off at train shows?  The club owns them now.

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