Mar 22, 2017

The fleet keeps growing and so does the club!

Marvin keeps growing the fleet of Northern Pacific GP 7s and 9s just like the big boys did when they were the best locos EMD could produce!
Maybe the last run of the BN F unit fleet as Robert Case is going to be heading home to Centralia,
Washington to finish out his college classes there. We are going to miss our youngest member
but rumor is we will get him back next fall?
Another race was recorded as these two sets of power want to compete against each other and see
who gets there first. With that crane in tow slowing him down I think the winner is gonna be the NP.
Nobody, but nobody is going to beat the speed champ of the club with his Western Pacific GE U-boats
hauling the goods to the next destination run by lead foot John Schwarze!
I can't remember which member decided to run all his cabooses on his train but here they are! Most of them
are prior railroads of the BN and all of them are highly detailed.
Our newest member brings us to another high in member count. Dick will know be our 36th member
so introduce yourself to him when you come by the club.

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