Mar 17, 2017

BN-1 goes on its maiden run....with a freight?

Back in the 1980s BN decided to fancy up their executive passenger train with the classic F units shown here in model form.  Much was done to these
venerable iconic class of locomotive power that changed railroading from dirty steam to comfortable diesel power. Robert Case wanted them in his collection.
A surprise thank you note was delivered to the club today by the visitors we had on Tuesday. I think
everyone was impressed by the effort they put into thanking us for a one hour visit they had here.
Maybe we made a few future model railroaders for our efforts?
Another surprise visitor was this SP&S 4-6-6-4 steamer owned by member Steve Hart who was visiting
us from Pasco, Washington where he works for the BNSF as an engineer. We have 5 BNSF engineers in the
club!  Railroaders and model railroaders usually don't hang out with each other!
Lots of Alco-haulics shows up at the club as Steve brought his collection of Alcos such as this C-636
in BN colors. They lasted about 10 years as BN units instead of SP&S engines.
Right after the merger in 1970 all the locos started to get BN numbers but the 341 managed to stay
out of the paint booth for a few months at least. Keith Wiles has 2 of these monsters, one with BN number and
the lead unit still in the SP&S number it was born with.
Speaking of monsters on the Midway I have something I missed including on prior e-mails and that
is this steam engine/ flying bomber I think?  Some guy named Rod Huffman has too much time on his hands
and this must remind him of his flying days for the Air Force. If we had a fleet of these types maybe the
bad guys would leave us alone?

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