Mar 3, 2017

Hey lady , you looking for a date Saturday night?

I could have called the shot the beauty and the beast but I thought better of it. It does have a certain look of some muscle guy looking at the skirt
of a lady named Hiawatha needing a date Saturday night at the Evergreen Train Clubs' open house. But what's a guys' chance from Wishram have with a
classy lady from Milwaukee?   Find out Saturday night?  5 to 9 pm at 18213 East Appleway in the Spokane Valley.
Robert had his 2 GP15s working for a living on Thursday. They are the modern versions of the GP7s and 9s
we grew up with back in the 1970s.
Mike baker run his long Great Northern Empire Builder as well and trying to get it in one view makes
for wide angle photography.
Greg Mercier has returned from a 18 day vacation in Hawaii and celebrated his return with a Northern
Pacific freight train. Hawaii may be great but no rail action for that time line, right Greg?
Two passenger trains pass each other at our Cobbleton Union Station with vastly different reasons.
I was told by Don that a steam engine and a Milwaukee Heritage paint job on a modern diesel can only be
justified by a special excursion train for railfans? The other is a BN executive train carrying executives?
Another long freight is pulled by a variety of modern power with double stacks in the mix.

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