Mar 15, 2017

Kid's day at the Evergreen Railroad

I got a call from a lady who asked if they could have a tour of the train club this past Tuesday and I thought it was a good idea to spread the
faith to the youngsters as well as railfans and modelers. They showed up to droves and were duly impressed!
Marvin's train was a big hit with moving airplane bodies in the consist.
Keith had his SP&S passenger train making the rounds as well.
Union Pacific was represented by John Schwarze who says he is an engineer with the BNSF but we
haven't seen his green card or whatever allows him to run a train.
This short train was handled by a local unit droping off and picking up business along the way.
Robert is our resident BN modeler.
Speaking of Robert he asked me if I would remake 2 F units from Milwaukee Road to BNs executive train power
that they call BN-1 and BN-2. Here I am applying the gloss finish coat to BN-1 and now Robert can add the
windows, handrails and stainless steel panels to the model. It may be finished by now? Note the telephone
book is my work area so as it gets paint or whatever I tear off another page!

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