Mar 24, 2017

Traveling thru Oregon is like traveling thru time!

For dinner on Saturday Steve Hart and I decided on the Old Spaghetti Factory in Corvallis where
Winterail was held this year.
It is in an old Southern Pacific depot that was moved twice near as I can recall. Imagine moving a
block building that any deviation in the structure would make it crumble into little pieces? But they did!
The next morning we heading back north towards home and we took the back roads instead of the highway
and crossed this covered bridge reminding me of simplier days of travel.
Look at the moss that all the rain this area gets!
Another railroad bridge has been saved as a bike path and walking bridge. Love the fog!
This graffiti caught my eye and I realized that this was no brain surgeon that wrote this message or
I have been eating custard with the wrong attitude as it might be a dangerous substance.
100 yard down the road was the SP depot turned into a museum that was not open to see what the
history was of the area. Lumber would be my guess.

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