Mar 21, 2017

Railfanning the Columbia River

Steve Hart are on the Oregon side of the river and we caught a BNSF train from Vancouver, WA making its way on to the Cielo Bridge near Wishram as it
tries to get to Northern California through the middle part of Oregon. This is the old SP&S territory where Basalt is the rock of choice.
The southern edge of the Columbia is run by some short line called the Union Pacific and they even
work when it is raining!
Portland has an extensive trolley/light rain system so they don't have to ride their bikes in the rain
to pick up their welfare checks.
My main goal was to sell my photo CDs at Winterail where they had a gathering of hundreds of rail fans
for the afternoon and evening sessions. The morning session was to sell stuff.
They had photos, books, magazines, slides, tee shirts and more for the great unwashed.
During one of the breaks I took this photo to show the beautiful auditorium that we had for the dozen
presentations that the better photographers of the railroad scene were presenters for the shows.
It was really well done and I plan to come back next year if I can.

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