Mar 24, 2017

North to Portland and up the Columbia!

Coming into Portland was this aerial transport thing but I don't know the need for it.
On the Columbia at the Dalles was a large collection of UP refrigerator cars with all the graffiti on them.
Where's a cop when you need them? And a whip! Ex-member Pete Heppler has a fleet of these cars with
all the markings on them to look like these cars.
These Canopex cars come through Spokane with regularity and here they are waiting to get into a
port district to unload their cargoes for some foreign destination as it is used for fertilizer to grow crops.
Steve spotted this TTX car where it was built last month in Mexico and looked magnificent. It has
avoided the graffiti guys for now but 6 months from now....who knows.
The tracks run real close to the road for miles but pulling off somewhere does not work very well.
So I must shoot thru the windshield.
This shot was from a turnaround so getting off the road was easy and not dangerous as this westbound
made itself available to my camera. Not the windmills in the distance. Thank you all you taxpayers.
That's Steve's car in the distance as we caught this eastbound near the same spot as the other shot before.
No trees in this part of the canyon.
The location was across from Maryhill, Washington as you can see the mansion across the way. it has a
smaller version of Stonehenge as well. It was named after Jim Hill's  wife or daughter.
Jim Hill owned the Great Northern Railway.

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