Mar 11, 2017

Which Cab Forward will catch the other Cab Forward?

Here we have 2 Southern Pacific Cab Forwards in the same shot but going in opposite directions....last least they look like that but they are going the same direction
on the Evergreen layout. Several Wednesdays ago I stopped by the club and the Weds. night group was there doing this chasing but I never found out who won?
On another evening someone was running his collection of cabooses but I don't know why?
Some BN, some SP&S, some NP, GN and the only thing I can come up with is they are no longer needed on
main line freights and are heading for Valhalla or some mountain retreat for some happy family to enjoy.
I could be wrong. I was wrong once before?
Some years ago I painted these UP E units for Tom Frank and they showed up at the club last week
to remind me of that effort. The main concern was to match the color of yellow to the passenger cars
Tom had so they would look right.
Yiks, competition is coming from Wil Windom but that is not the case as he is video shooting Robert's train while i
stick to photos for the club e-mails. Besides Will does not get his thumb in his photos?
The race of the century is on but not planned!  Will the Mighty Bn beat out the Milwaukee Road GEs
before they conk out from last of fuel?  The better questions should be what is that giant push pin doing?
Another race of the century happened later with SP&S Alco challenging the mighty Montana Rail, Link?
Money is on Big Blue but we know sometimes the likely winners turn out the losers!

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