Sep 9, 2016

Variety is the spice of life....ask Bill Clinton!

The same goes for model railroading! Marvin lived in Paradise, Montana growing up and when the MRL came into being it passed through Paradise making it the
hometown favorite. Until recently MRL had a fleet of hand me down locos that they rebuilt, repainted and ran as road power and yard service. Plus they saved
a lot of money by not paying a designer to come up with a paint scheme except this dip stick job with stick-on logos!
Now this a designer paint scheme but only wishful thinking as UP did a series of these to keep the
railroad logos in their ownership. Still, a pretty nice concept if the Rio Grande did survive the UP merger.
Another model owned by Jim Bowden is this Chicago & Northwestern heritage paint job done with the
same reasons as the Rio Grande unit.  There is a real engine with this design running on the rails!
Sixty years ago this would have been the typical paint scheme for a railroad using green and orange
as the corporate colors. The only way to make them look better is with a little weathering! Yiks!
The best train on the rails this week has got to be the Northern Pacific North Coast Limited that served
Spokane for decades and I was privileged to ride it several times in my younger days when I visited Spokane.
Keith and I were working on this Hobbytown metal monster Thursday night trying to get the 50 year old
model to work properly when leaving Keith thought it would look good next to the engine house with
the GN herald on it.  I think he was right!  Ring job please!

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