Sep 22, 2016

Return of the if it ever went away!

Tuesday night we had about 90 Great Northern visitors to the club but I was not there to photograph them. I was told many compliments were thrown about
by the visitors so they should have enjoyed what they saw!  Tonight, Thursday, Sept. 22nd was MRL night with Marvin running  two MRL trains. one freight and
one passenger which would be Dennis Washington's private train he used from time to time on his railroad and sometimes beyond. I got rid of the edge of the earth.
Marvin has 5 big units on his trains so keeping up with competitor trucks should not be a problem.
Speaking of the boss there he goes past the freight going the other way while he inspects recent
track work from his open observation car he keeps in tip top shape. It's good to be the king!
A few pieces of Great Northern power was still on display after the GN tour of the club so here is
a set of EMD FT power that knocked steam off the main line throughout the USA.
In keeping with the theme of the GN era club members kept the power in the same time line as this
1950s era NP steamer and Baldwin diesel helper was typical of the time in the Spokane area.
What's wrong with this photo?  It's too clean! Not only is the steamer clean but so is the turntable
that in the day would have been filled with debris and oily things that would never have been a concern
to management. It's like Mr. Clean owns the railroad! Maybe I need to issue an executive order to get it right?

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