Sep 28, 2016

Hard to take a bad photo when it's the Northern Pacific!

Greg Mercier had his NP freight running the rails yesterday and gave me free run to shoot his train.
The first shot has a company truck waiting passage of this 4 F unit set looking like he owns he railroad.
This I took this nose shot as he crosses over one of some 18 bridges we have on the layout.  ( Someone
needs to fix that crack in the girder?)
It would not be complete without a photo of the front portion of the layout that has all the good spots for a photo runby.
The only thing missing is the smoke from a hard run up the grade.
Not to be outdone by Greg was Steve Weso's 50 car grain train that he calls the brown snake or something
like that. The point is that this is what 50 cars looks like in HO scale.
Did I mention that Steve has 3 big ones on the point with a DPU pusher doing the honors 50 cars behind?
Just like the real ones!

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