Sep 19, 2016

Big man on campus!

I'm always looking for a unique angle for photography and this one seems to fit the bill.  This low angle is what we would see if we were standing on the
ground. Hopefully when you are taking the photo some high speed passenger train is not coming up behind you!
Boy, wouldn't this scene tick off those GN modelers to see their NP competitor running the main line instead
of their Empire Builder? The GN Historical members are visiting us Tuesday evening from 7 to 10 pm.
Who's railroad is it anyway? Mergers, lease, borrowed? I got nothing?
The eras are conflicting as the SP&S train is in the 1960s and the BN train must go back to the 1980s.
They still good good together.
This is Eliam and he will be a model railroader in the future with his interest in the hobby. Heck he could
be the next Steve Weso for that matter!
Mr Western Pacific, John Schwarze had this single unit doing the hard work on the Green Branch pulling
a load of log cars for the mill.

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