Sep 3, 2016

Odd things happening around the Northwest

Here's something I never saw before and that is ditch lights on the back of a locomotive! This one was working the Union Pacific rails on Mission Steet where the old Spokane
International had their roundhouse and yard back in the day. Say, the that Keith Wiles hanging on that last car?
Another oddity is this NIWX in the Cheney yard working for the Eastern Washington
Gateway Railroad. Photo taken by Bruce Butler or Ted Curphey.  Is it the 60's again?
Business must be good as the railroad is using this borrowed Montana Rail Link unit as well.
This one is not beat up as the others seem to be.
This one was sent to me by Mike Walcker, and ex-Evergreen member who was railfanning the
Columbia River and caught this terrific shot of an westbound coming out of one of the many tunnels on this
part of the Union Pacific route to Portland, Oregon.
This is the first time I ever saw this window arrangement on the passenger car. This car was seen
a week before by me at about the same spot east of Yardley. I am told it is some kind a geometry car
to make sure the trains don't fall off the tracks. The rivet counters will correct me on this.
Finally another weird car is this covered hopper and I took the photo because of the lettering on it.
When it was passing me I realized it was one of the heritage cars with an SP&S logo on it!
They have heritage logos for GN, NP, Burlington Route, BN and the mighty SP&S. Wall plaques anyone?

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