Sep 11, 2016

A funny thing happened on our way to our train club BBQ

Two of our members live in Davenport, Washington which is 53 miles from the club and Rod and Janis wanted us to visit their home for an
afternoon delight! There's Rod doing the cooking with John Schwarze doing the supervising. We got a tour of the home with artifacts to admire
as well as an N scale layout upstairs! Rod now models in 2 scales as well as feeds his fellow modelers. It proves that we are more than
foamers but good friends to enjoy each others company.
On the way west to Davenport on Saturday we caught a 2 unit set on Latah Bridge going somewhere
to pick up cars.
Maybe they were going to pick up a forgotten piece of history at Reardan but they forgot the track
connection as well. This is the display piece for the Inland Empire Historical Society's rail museum.
My favorite engine is now on display there as 3206 was the engine I helped move to the S.C. Fairgrounds
back in 1978, raised the money to move it and did the lettering on it.
They invested about 1 million dollars into this structure out there from a private source and I wish them
well in their efforts as it's a long way from everything, including visitors to help pay for it.
There's plenty of projects to keep them busy if they have the funds to pull it off. The last thing I  want
to see if the site go to seed.

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