Sep 14, 2016

Aussies visit the Evergreen State!

We had a real treat today at the Evergreen train club with Australian modelers stopping by to see
what we've been up to. They were as friendly a group of guys you could meet and they seemed to enjoy
themselves by staying about 1 1/2 hours before moving on to beautiful Essex, Montana. I got their
e-mails so they will see this message when they get home. God bless the Aussies!
The Aussies were treated with Don's Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 and Jim Bowden's Santa Fe 2-8-2 pulling passenger and freight.
Another passenger train later was Jim's Santa Fe with unique yellow warbonnet instead of the more
popular red warbonnet.
They had some yellow and some blue warbonnets but the red ones were the most remembered F units
that ran on the U.S. rail system.
Marvelous Marvin ran his LMX lease unit as the lead of his BN train today. These were very popular
during the 1980s and were seen running through Spokane very often back then.
When a loco builder wants to introduce a new model they paint a few of them in corporate colors and
send them out to potential customers to try them out. This one is an Electromotive (EMD) General
Motors model about ready to split the semaphores on the Red Main.

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