Sep 1, 2016

September 1st, 2008 the Evergreen Train Club was born!

That was 8 years ago that we paid the first day of rent on the joint. We celebrated with 5 pizzas from the famous Rocky Rococo pizza from downtown and you can see a little is still
left in one of the boxes on the table.  It was a terrific evening and one of accomplishment to survive 8 years of dues, estate sales and other venues to keep the doors open.
We also had a birthday to celebrate as well for September and Marvin had 2 cakes to honor Tom Kirk, one of
our members. Burt helps himself to a slice of heaven as Marvin looks on.
Marvin had 4 of these MRL units pulling his Boeing aircraft bodies past that brave fisherman who does
not seem to understand those engines are 3 scale feet from his body!
A large 4-6-6-4 articulated makes its way across a modern steel bridge as the older wood one is long gone
with the remnants of an earlier time at the bottom of the stream. That's what can happen to your Tyco
steam engines that got the blow torch treatment to indicate a bad fall.
Earlier in the week 3 SP&S Alcos move the freight just like they did some 45 years ago along the Columbia River.
Greg Mercier has 4 NP Geeps working up hill at Beaver Canyon. I remember the day that Ralph Thomas
came up with that name and it stuck. Rumor has it that he might be visiting us this month!

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