Sep 3, 2016

Modeling in the 1/87 scale on the Evergreen Railroad

Once in a while the Burlington Northern travels on the Evergreen and now after 20 years gone I am getting nostalgic about the railroad that wiped out my favorites in the Northwest.
Part of modeling is remembering the past and the BN was a big part of growing up around here with trains. If you don't like BN then enjoy my rockwork!
Mike Baker sets up some of his rolling stock in the port district.
This Citirail locomotive is a lease unit that the BNSF uses and now they have models of them as we
can see on the layout.
That very afternoon I caught #1204 in the Spokane Valley sandwiched between 2 BNSF brothers.
From the numbers I would guess they have  over 200 of these units on lease from Citi Bank.
Keith Wiles show off his hometown railroad, the SP&S, pulling #2 between Spokane and Portland, Oregon and passing through Wishram on each trip.
Strange power shows up just about every week to keep it interesting, Mike Baker had a brace of
3 Burlington Route diesels pulling a freight and was part of the BN merger back in 1970.

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