Sep 29, 2016

Getting ready for our Saturday night open house on October 8th

First of all I want to welcome to our club the youngest member named Robert Case of Chehalis, Washington
( south of Tacoma ) who is going to Eastern Washington University for the next few years. Welcome Robert!
Wouldn't it be great to have a mainline with electric overhead wires to replicate the Milwaukee or other systems that were done back in the day? Don Carnegie had this
Bi-polar electric in the lead of one of his passenger train tonight. I added the wires! And the rock so you don't see the edge of earth.
The other passenger train had his Milwaukee 4-8-4 $267 that ran into Spokane up the Dishman/ Mica
Road in the Spokane Valley on the Union Pacific tracks until the late 1950s
Another passenger train that made its way on the Blue Main was Greg Mercier's Portland leg of the
Empire Builder where the SP&S would take a portion of GN and NP cars off at Spokane and add a few SP&S
cars and head west every evening. The reverse also occurred as well.
Frequently Canadian Pacific power comes down the old Spokane International route from Canada,
now Union Pacific tracks and move eastern and Canadian product to the seaboard cities for overseas
Speaking of the Spokane International new member Robert asked if he could run my RS-1 around and I
said if it is on the layout it is available for using! He did some switching and running and I was glad to see it run.

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