Jul 31, 2016

What in the world is Steve Welton looking at?

I think there is a favorite new baby in the family!
After a 2 year wait his 2-10-4 Texas & Pacific steam engine finally showed up at the train store here in Spokane. Steve was checking out the whistle sounds and other things on the
programing track at the club when I saw this beauty!  I've painted a few steam engines in my day but this one would sure be a challenge!
These 3 NP Geeps brought me back to reality as there seems to be a drag race between the locos and
the Cosco truck. Since the truck is a static model my money is on the train!
I walked over to the Blue main yard and it was filled with dozens of coal cars from 2 different eras.
Don Carnegie's Milwaukee Road train had 64 coal cars and Steve Weso;s MRL train had 52.
Both trains were mighty impressive.
Not to leave Union Pacific out of the conversation Tom Kirk had 4 big ones pulling a mixed freight
as well.

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