Jul 31, 2016

New models and old friends

Very nice!  1667 was a Spokane engine and the last of the W-1 class here.  I remember it well.  It spent time on the P&L and even handled passenger trains 311-314 Spokane – Lewiston on January 15, 1955; very late in the branch line steam era on the NP around here.  To the best of my knowledge the W-1 and W-2 classes were identical.  W-2 class engines I remember around here were the 1902, 1904, and 1914.
The following picture is a Phil Hastings shot showing Baldwin 501 and W-1 1662 on a train at Marshall.
NP had 3 Baldwin roadswitchers.  4-axle 500 & 501 were assigned to P&L passenger trains 311, 312, 313, & 314.  When 312-313 were discontinued in 1950, the 500 moved to Seattle.  501 was replaced by GP7 556 spring 1952. 6-axle Baldwin 525 originally operated on the Walla Walla branch out of Pasco.
Never before seen by the Lords of the Evergreen Clan is this brass W&R W-1 Mikado owned by member Greg Mercier. What a beauty she is with all the detail of the real thing. Greg asked me
to give it a little weathering but the model was painted with a well done paint job so being careful was a priority.
The W-1s would have been used in helper service in the mountainous areas of the railroad and this
one is helping a new Baldwin diesel up some grade.
Once clear of the mountain grades she puts on her own display of power so now she is pulling the diesel
quicker than the diesel could run.
It turned out to be Northern Pacific Day at the Evergreen when Marvin put his own show on with a long
North Coast Limited passenger train.
The light coming into the train layout looks different with the sunlight making for a more realistic
lighting on the train. Too bad we don't have skylights at the club.

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