Jul 31, 2016

Fw: Leftovers from the leftovers

A long string of Northern Pacific passenger cars takes up a stretch of rail on the Evergreen layout with Marvin's favorite train. He saw it many times passing
though his hometown of Paradise, Montana when he was just a mere child.
Maine Central found its way on our Northwest club layout but the scenery is pretty much the same
as ours is back there, except in the fall! Greg Mercier has a wife that grew up back there.
Another favorite train around these parts is the Great Northern and since I don't see any dome cars
I will assume this is the Western Star instead of the more famous Empire Builder. Janis owns this baby.
Almost the whole family showed up for this reunion as Steve Weso's SP&S freight passes Don's
Milwaukee Road train and Keith Wiles SP&S passenger train. Nice to see them all getting along!
Since we have eastern railroads and western railroads represented why not do a favor for the midwest
guys with a Milwaukee Road commuter train stopping at Bakersville to pick up a few unlucky souls
to be delivered to Chicago!
And lets not forget the Northwest champion Burlington Northern who dominated this part of the country
for 25 years before the BNSF took over. Say, does that pickup truck have nitro in the back of the truck?

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