Jul 31, 2016

It was Canadian night at the Evergreen Railroad!

It just turned out that way that 3 members showed up with Canadian models to run on the layout tonight. Spike ( Mike) Gorley had his 2 big units working in
elephant fashion while new member Greg Domme got his new CP Rail diesel running just ahead of Spike.
Upon departure from the club Greg asked if I could weather his new unit for him. I think I have a new
best friend?
One of Spike's cars was this Saskatchewan grain car and I would vote for this paint scheme the best
paint design of modern freight cars. Its dramatic, colorful and easy to read from a mile away!
Adding to Greg's train was this Union Pacific diesel that I weathered last week and now leads the
Canadian loco which happens in Spokane frequently as they share motive power through the Northwest.
Not to be left out was Steve Weso's Maersk loco along with a Santa Fe unit just like they did when there
was a railroad called the Santa Fe. It was painted like this for a TV commercial as Maersk is a shipping
company and might be remembered in the movie...Mr. Phillips. We won that battle as I recall.
John Schwarze adds his train to the collection as they have their trains passing each other going their
separate ways.  The 2 UP units are factory paint colors, the dirty vents on the middle train are by Jerry the Q,

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