Jul 31, 2016

Playing catch up on goings on at the Evergreen Railroad.

These photos were taken with my iphone but I don't think there is much of a drop off in quality from the
normal stuff I shoot with my Canon T5. This is a 3 truck Shay used in the backwoods of America some 50 years ago.
Burt got it from me as a Eli Thomas Lumber Co. but wanted it redone as a Craig Mountain Lumber that ran near the Camas Prairie
Railroad back in the day. I don't know if the lettering is correct but Burt likes it.
New member Tom Hindley had has 3 big Santa Fe units ready to go with the famous war bonnet scheme.
Greg Mercier's SP&S power passes the control tower at the north end of the Blue yard. They must be new units
and arrived on the property yesterday?
Keith's pride and joys are his new SP&S F units, both with sound and are they pretty!
If you read the local papers and watched the news this week you would have heard about Amtrak
hitting a truck in Wenatchee, some 200 miles away from here.
Joketer Rod Huffman decided to replicate it on the layout on Thursday so when we got back from dinner
this is what we saw. Janis allowed Rod to use her models to do this and it was all done in fun. Amtrak
didn't think it was funny but they are not members so they have no vote.

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