Jul 31, 2016

We can relive the sixties all we want!

It turned out to be a flashback in time today at the Evergreen club. Marvin, Greg Mercier and Mike Conners stopped their trains for this timeless
scene many of us remember if you are older then we care to admit.
The original FT diesel locomotives that banished steam engine across the county back in the 1940s
still run on the Evergreen route. It was designed with the 4 portholes to make it unique.
Southern Pacific got into the act with a medium sized steam engine doing the duties but will someone
tell Don to do something about those wires under the cab? Maybe that's a SP feature that they painted
their hoses that way back in the day?  I'll ask Heimerdinger?
This was a commercial job I did for a guy down in South Idaho who wanted a model of an HH660
diesel in Washington, Idaho & Montana colors just like the SI had with the red and yellow stripes.

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