Jul 31, 2016

The final hurrah!

I stopped by the club on Monday afternoon and no one was there so I decided to run a train by myself!  Not just any train but an imaginary SP&S railfan trip on the
last day of the SP&S existence before the big merger into the mighty BN railroad. The SP&S railfans decided that the only diesel worthy to haul the 10 passenger cars
was a husky Alco C-636 diesel.
It had a mix of Union Pacific and Evergreen passenger cars that the friendly Evergreen Railroad
allowed them to use their equipment to provide this final tribute to this little spunky railroad that
served the Northwest for 60 plus years.
What a magical afternoon it was as the Alco behaved itself by not failing and not pouring smoke out
of its exhaust stack.
One frightening moment for the engineer was the near miss he had with a fisherman that did not move
on a narrow bridge. If he was a railfan the cops would want to round him up!
It was a fun ride but it was also the final curtain for a railroad where everyone knew each other and
their families. They also waved to us bystanders to history as they passed us along the way.
The sun is setting on this day as well as on the friendly railroad called the SP&S. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

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