Jul 31, 2016

Thursday night is the happiest night of the week!

I think this is Steve Weso's train and it has an Oakway lease unit in the lead. I haven't seen one in almost 10 years so the lease must be up.
I caught Steve shooting a video of his train but why he is eating the computer controller is beyond me?
Greg Mercier brings his 4 unit NP F unit set into the yard along side Tom Kirk's Rio Grande passenger train.
A visitor is enhanced by Greg's train as it makes its way up hill. Future member?
It was a big night for Janis as the club honors her birthday with a delicious cake made by Marvin for the event.
Speaking of big, Scotty Smith needs a big drill as well
to get through the layers of plywood under the layout.
We are improving our switches and signaling so drill we must!

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