Jul 31, 2016

More photos from the fuel depot on Saturday.

Keith goes through a little briefing before the tour with Marvin, Steve Welton and Mike Conners
paying close attention.
Other members watch the monitor in the Train Masters office where you can see all the rail traffic in the
general area around Spokane.
Steve's wife gets a shot of Steve getting ready to enter the cab of one
of the locomotives on display.  Some guys take their wifes' to Hawaii,
Steve takes his wife to a fuel depot! She still enjoyed it!
They keep track of how many units they serve each day and how many gallons as well.
BNSF had a cop unit with a K-9 on display. We later found out the name of the dog......QUINN!!!!
Finally Keith Wiles had the last laugh and brought his own set of hand cuffs for Evergreen's
wayward President Jerry. But Saturday was a free day so they were not needed.

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