Jun 11, 2016

Playing on the railroad.

A little known fact is that the Milwaukee Road sold one of their 4-8-4s to the Rio Grande back in the 1940s to see how it could deal with the grades
in the Rocky Mountains. It least it happened on Janis Ledum's HO scale Rio Grande. The sounds were terrific as it pulled a passenger train around.
Tommy Frank's auto rack train wakes up the slumbering cattle waiting for their chance to visit a McDonald's
location near you.
Rod picked up this operating maintenance vehicle and I stuck one of my SI flat cars for the picture.
Rod has plans for this critter so still in tune.
2 Union Pacific GP9s hustle a local freight into the tunnel system on the Blue main.
Steve Weso had this SP&S FA2 set in the original paint scheme pulling a decent mixed freight.
Everything is right with the world!
Woops! Something did go wrong and lots of cars went flying on the Red main. Steve shows his frustration
to the camera as a NP freight pulls up behind. It's the same look for Steve if Hillary gets elected!

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