Jul 31, 2016

Evergreen Railroad Modelers go on tour!

Having four real railroaders on the membership roster pays dividends at times for our model railroad
club as Keith Wiles invited the Greeners to a Family Day Open House at the Fuel facility at Hauser, Idaho.
Not only did they have events, prizes and lunch for us they included a tour of a BNSF Dash 9 4400
horsepower locomotive. Wearing earplugs was a requirement for us.
Marvin gets the catbird seat so he gets in the cab photo. It's a heck of a lot better than the old systems
and now the crew is in air conditional comfort and a lot less noise than steam and early diesels.
Steve Welton points out something to his wife as they closed down Track 1 for the event. The locos
on Track 2 are being fueled for their trip to Seattle and will get another fill up when they return east.
Keith Wiles, John Smith, Mike Gorley and Marvin Sheppard talk it up as other folks tour the engine.
While we were there on Saturday 3 trains were in and out of the facility including this stack train with a CSX borrowed power stopped by for a fill up. One thing they didn't count on when they
built the facility was most trains have pushers at the rear of trains today so most have to stop twice at the pumps to take care of the trailing units.  Slows things down.

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