Aug 5, 2016

You know where I am on Thursday nights?

That's when the rail action comes alive on the Evergreen Railroad but you rarely see Evergreen equipment. They run late at night when the lights are out!
But we catch SP&S Alco models passing through tunnels along the Columbia River like this one.
Sometimes we catch little teakettles like this one making smoke and making good speed on the Green Branch where early stuff seems to thrive in the clouds.
Somewhere in the Cascade Mountains we catch a Milwaukee Road steamer bringing home the bacon
(In this instance the bacon looks a lot like logs heading for the mill.)
Meanwhile on the main lines we have big time NP power pulling hard to get to Seattle,
The BNSF merger is in full swing as GP60 units have a hot shot freight to keep trailers and containers
moving towards their destinations. Only the Spokane City Council can keep them from reaching their goals.
Steve Weso was shooting video of that last spot so when you see the Weso magic show up on your
computer this is how he does it!

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