Apr 29, 2017

What's this.... 8 engines and no cars?

Scotty Smith showed up Tuesday with a collection of Union Pacific heritage locos that were absorbed into the UP system. Each loco other than UP itself is a adaptation of the original railroad look
but changed to be more improved.  Union Pacific is one of the original railroad names that survives today.
For instance, this is the future look they put on a Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad , called the Katy,
that I consider a fancy, modern look for a small railroad that UP took over in 1988.
Well, UP got the red right as these old warhorses look pretty grimy to me.
Rio Grande always had a neat paint scheme on their locos, especially the passenger scheme and this
modern version would look pretty good climbing the hills of the Rockies today.
Another fallen flag is the Chicago & Northwestern in green and yellow. The engine number represents
the year the railroad was merged into the yellow peril. Ignore the fingertip! I said...oh never mind!
No those models are not N scale as Scotty Smith is a slightly large person and the illusion is understandable.

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