Apr 7, 2017

Re-living the dream!

Any of your that see this message might remember the days when trains were a big part of your life. This photo makes me think about a Northern Pacific
wall calendar I had hanging in my kitchen in our home in New Jersey back in 1965. The photo showed a NP freight train crossing a bridge out west somewhere
and I know that had a influence on my decision to move my family out west to Spokane. This was Marvin's train but something told me to take this photo.
Mike baker showed up to run his 3 BN F units with sound and how that adds to the believability of
running model trains around a layout! Spokane was a stronghold for BN Fs in their final days around 1985.
Many of them were so dirty that you could not tell what color they used to be through the dirty black exteriors.
We still loved them as they were a throw back to the premerger days.
Back in 1976, the year of our nation Bi-Centennial, BN painted 3 diesels in the red/white/blue colors
to celebrate the event. The numbers were 1776, 1876 and 1976. Clever! Janis owned this train.
New member Ver had these 2 BNSF Dash 9s making miles on the Blue main. These models can be seen
all over the system and I would guess that the railroad has some 6000 of these 4400 hp beasts doing
most of the hauling on today's rails.
Can't ignore the Union Pacific representation on our layout and Tom Frank has his 2 road warriors
pulling their weight on the Red Main.
Must be a local with 1 unit on the point as road power would be 3 or more units if it was working around
this neck of the woods with our grades to attend too.  It's Don Carnegie's train and he will tell me different.

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